10% off Master Case Promotion From now until December!

10% off Master Case Promotion
From now until December!

*Limited Time & Flavours

10% Discount on Master Cases
Flavours: Vanilla Sea Salt & Darkness

Promo timeline: Until December 2020

Hope everyone is getting settled into the fall sales season.

At ChocoSol our SRP for bars is $8. It reflects our value proposition for the bars, our commitment to sustainable supply chains and the margins we require to continue manufacturing our high quality bean-to-bar chocolate.

We understand that you (our wholesale partners) each have unique needs and serve different communities and customers. We encourage our customers to support local businesses of their choice and want to support you in thriving.

With this in mind, we are offering 10% off Master Cases of Vanilla Sea Salt and Darkness.

1 Master Case = 90 bars/10 cases
*this discount applies to increments of 9 only

To take advantage of this promotion, simply place an order for 9 cases of Vanilla Sea Salt or Darkness in your next order and we will take care of the discount.

Thank you for your continued support.

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