New Case Packs!

New Case Packs!

A Friendly Reminder:

Effective Today
Case Pack Quantity is Now
10 Bars/Case

Effective Today - Transitioning to 10 Bars per Case

As a result of our improved display cases, we can now fit more bars into each case and will be transitioning to 10 bars per case effective May 1, 2020.  

All orders placed on May 1st onwards will be updated to 10 bars per case. 9 unit cases are no longer available. Please take this into consideration when placing orders after today.

Specs on the New Cases

With the introduction of these new and improved cases, some of the specifications and features have updated. Please see below for relevant information:

  • New Case Dimensions: 16.5cm L x 10.3cm W x 22.5cm H
  • New Master Case Dimensions: 50.8cm L x 35.56cm W x 25.4cm
  • Features extra cardboard backing to push bars forward so bars are always upright and the cases always look full
  • Better shelf presence with improved graphics that are printed directly on the case
  • Indicates allergen information directly on case in both french and english: Gluten free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free

If you have any questions or feedback about the new case displays, feel free to contact us at We understand changes can be difficult and want to ensure we ease smoothly into this transition
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