Price Changes: February 2024

Price Changes: February 2024



Effective February 1, 2024, our chocolate and coffee pricing will be increased.

ChocoSol has maintained price stability since 2020, despite the challenges of the pandemic. We take pride in offering a powerful value proposition: our product tastes good, is good for you, and is fairly priced.

However, the costs and challenges of building an SQF-certified ethical and ecological craft chocolate company have multiplied in recent years. Transparency is of the utmost importance to us at ChocoSol, and so I am personally writing this message to our most important allies and partners to share the reasons our prices will be increasing:

  • Industry Challenges and Cost Pressures:

As many of you will know and understand, the prices of core ingredients like cacao, coffee, and sugar; as well as labour and equipment have spiked during the past few years. Logistics and packaging costs have similarly increased dramatically.

  • Investment in Quality with SQF Certification:

Over the past two years, we have made substantial investments in achieving SQF certification to elevate the quality and food safety of our brand. While this commitment to quality has improved our products, it has also led to increased labour costs and another layer of food safety management.

  • Commitment to Canadian Craft Excellence:

Our commitment is to be the best-priced and highest-quality Canadian craft chocolate on the market. We acknowledge that we cannot compete with mass-produced chocolate, nor do we wish to. ChocoSol makes whole food chocolates from quality organic and agro-ecologically sourced ingredients like forest garden vanilla, local pumpkin seed, and organic FairTrade Rainforest Alliance certified cane sugar.

Product changes: 5 Chili Bullet, Ginger + Turmeric, Cacao Symphony.

In the coming months, these flavours will be transitioning to limited-edition and seasonal bars, offered only during promotional seasons once or twice a year. This refinement will cut down on the amount of time needed to fill orders and the internal scaling challenges of maintaining an inventory of dozens of flavours, ensuring we can get you your orders quickly. Rest assured that we will continue to offer the rest of our flavours throughout the year.

Product changes: Oaxaca Profundo Coffee.

We will be phasing out our Oaxaca Profundo 1lb bags and moving towards a unified and simplified 340g and 1kg market standard by May 1st. Our coffee is one of the most ecological and quality coffee products in the North American market, and we are committed to our Indigenous producers and our sales partners' customers.


We look forward to working more closely with our partners in 2024 to bring truly unique eco-revolutionary chocolate and coffee foods and drinks to market and to all of our customers. Together, let us continue to feed health, hope, and joy for many years to come.

You can find the new pricing and full catalogue here:


Michael Sacco, PhD
Founder, CEO and Chief Ecological Research Officer

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