Collection: Forest Garden Coffee

Welcome to your new favourite coffee. Our shade-grown and organic beans are sourced directly and ethically from indigenous farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our farmers take pride in picking only the ripest and most delicious cherries, and our roasted beans boast a smooth and low-acidity profile. What’s more, all of our coffee is transported from field to market in a way that minimizes food miles, emissions from roasting, and plastic waste.

What makes this more than just a bag of coffee? Each bag helps regenerate a resilient polyculture forest garden of trees and crops, including cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, mint, and green chili. Our coffee is inspired by the regenerative, biodiverse farms of Oaxaca; directly sourced from Indigenous farmers growing on communal lands; and shade-grown at high altitude.

100% Arabica

Roasted weekly in Toronto, Canada