Collection: Baking & Drinking Chocolate

*NEW* You asked, we answered! Our bakers and drinking chocolates will now be in the 75g bar that you know and love from our eating chocolate collections. These bars are easier to melt, chop, and enjoy! 

Available in a range of sweetness levels, these bulk chocolates are perfect for baking, melting, coating, and more. Crafted from the finest cacao beans, our chocolate boasts an unparalleled richness and depth of flavour that will transform your recipes into masterpieces. Whether you're a professional baker or chef, our bulk chocolate is your secret ingredient for elevating your culinary projects to the next level.

All of these chocolates can also be used to make a frothy, full-flavoured, and refreshing drink that can be served hot or cold! They also make a rich and nutritious addition to smoothies and other cacao or chocolate drinks. Simply use 4 squares (half a 75g bar) per drink for a classic ChocoSol drink.

Price per unit (1kg bag): $30.00