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Forest Garden Coffee | Mix Master

Forest Garden Coffee | Mix Master

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3 x Espresso 

A northern Italian style, this medium roast develops richer cacao and caramel notes from our signature washed beans. The addition of some natural (i.e., dried with the “cherry” intact) beans fills out the mid-palate with ripe and dried fruit flavours. Optimized for extraction as an espresso or base for latte or cappuccino, this balanced profile can also be enjoyed as a drip or French press.

3 x Light Roast

Inspired by modern West Coast roasts, this profile highlights the vivid, high-altitude acidity of Oaxacan beans. With flavours of fresh cherry, lemon rind, and almond, it is suitable for the whole spectrum of brewing methods. Perfect for those who gravitate toward the brighter end of the coffee spectrum.

4 x Three Roast Blend

This profile is the result of in-house research. While exploring the range of flavours revealed by the various roasts, the ChocoSol team found that finely blending the different roasts created a uniquely beautiful expression of flavours. The fresh notes of the light roasts brighten and balance the deep, bitter chocolate and toffee character of the dark roasts. Together, they make the perfect cup to start your day.

Weight per bag: 340g
Grind: Whole bean

Unit: Each case contains 10 bags individually packaged in biodegradable material.

MSRP: $14.99

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