Cacao Symphony 90% |  Single Origin Blend
Cacao Symphony 90% |  Single Origin Blend

Cacao Symphony 90% | Single Origin Blend

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Cacao Symphony 90% | Triple Pack Single origin blend.

225g (3x75g)

Ingredients: Roasted cacao nibs, maple sugar 90% Cacao content

This single origin blend - Launch is a taste education series that: 

-Explores cacao as a fermented food

-Cultivates an understanding of the terroir of the cacao varietals within our house blend.

-Seeks to share the stories and origins of our good, clean and fair cacao origins, and technical expertise.

Tasting note:

This is all our single origins blended into one chocolate!

Choose your adventure!

is it:

A- Symphony of cacao

B- Cacao-phony

C- Holy Cacao!

Thank you for joining us on this cacao journey.

For those interested to know we choose Maple sugar as an expression of our commitment to the eco gastronomy of forest garden ingredients, and an expression of our stone ground chocolate made on this land here in Toronto, Canada.

At ChocoSol we believe that a delicious chocolate bar is made up of a balanced flavour combination! These single origins form about 80% of our chocolate bars, with the notable absence of our Quechua cacao from Kallari’s ancient Indigenous forest gardens in the Amazon Headwaters (supply arrives in June). Tasting each of these bars and exploring the flavours will be part of our on-line taste and tour experience, where we will explore the culture and techniques of cacao tasting as a fermented food. When we began working with cacao we drew heavily on sommelier language and understanding of terroir. Cacao in fact does reflect terroir, a confluence of geography, altitude, soil types, and genetics, along with the cultural knowledge that determines fermentation , and drying techniques. By working with producers for almost 20 years at the forest garden roots, to the farmers’ market baskets, we have learned a lot about delicious cacao culture and terroir, and we invite you to engage in the delectable discourse ofthis 7 course tasting tour. At the end you decide whether combining these bars creates a synesthesia of flavours or a cacao-phony of flavour conflicts!